Logitech G Pro Review for Better LoL Gameplay!

Logitech G Pro Review for Better LoL Gameplay!

I have always been a big fan of Logitech Gaming Products including their gaming keyboards, gaming mice, and headsets. They have always been well-reputed for their quality products and outstanding gaming potential.

If you really want to dive deep into the world of professional gaming then there is no better companion than the G Pro series Logitech gaming products. With the G Pro Keyboard League Of Legends Edition, Logitech brings a twist to its flagship keyboard. Lets get more into detail of this keyboard!

Logitech G Pro Review for League of Legends

Design & Build

The G Pro Keyboard League Of Legends Edition features a simple tenkeyless design which is considered to be the best among all the other keyboard layouts for gamers. In other words, the keyboard layout resembles a very normal one but without the NumPad.

To keep the keyboard in place during intense gaming, the G Pro LoL edition features rubber feet that allow 3-step adjustment. In terms of the build, the keyboard is made completely out of high-quality plastic and seems to be very durable.

The teal blue chassis looks beautiful and combined with the golden accents and design it truly looks like a collaboration between Logitech and League of Legends. Moreover, the 6 feet cable is detachable making it easier to carry it anywhere.

Logitech G Pro Review - Design & Build | Keyboard for League Of Legends

Switches & Typing Experience

The type of switches a mechanical keyboard has seems to be the most important aspect of a gaming keyboard. The G Pro LoL edition comes equipped with GX Brown Tactile mechanical switches especially designed for the ultimate gaming performance.

The tactile switches mean that they produce audible tactile feedback when pressed for more responsiveness while you are fully immersed in the gameplay. While Linear Switches tend to be a better choice over tactile ones, the latter is still not that bad.

When used for typing, the G Pro Keyboard required quite some force for the keys to actually actuate and register an input. Thankfully the keys are not so stiff that might otherwise cause fatigue after typing for a while.

The only problem that I could find while typing is that the keys were a bit too loud Which might be a problem if you are trying to use the keyboard in an office environment. Otherwise, the keys feel quite responsive and are worth the price.

Multimedia & Macros

When it comes to multimedia features, the Logitech G Pro Keyboard League Of Legends Edition allows the user full F-key customization. In other words, all the function keys from F1 to F12 are completely programmable.

Out of the box, the keys from F9 to F12 are by default configured to be the media hotkeys Which you can use to control volume and other aspects while streaming songs and videos. There is also a dedicated game mode button to disable the Windows key.

The other dedicated button is a switch to turn the RGB backlighting on the keyboard on and back off. This feature in my opinion is quite handy especially if you’re planning to use the keyboard in a public environment where RGB lighting might be a distraction.

Moreover, you can use Logitech G hub software to add a second layer of macros over the already pre-existing ones. While fully programmable F-Key Macros are handy I would have preferred dedicated macro keys on it while I am paying this much for a gaming keyboard.


Truth to be told, a gaming keyboard does not truly feel like a gaming keyboard unless it has RGB lighting on it. While it may not be for everyone, you must agree that it looks sick when paired with your gaming setup.

The G Pro LoL edition keyboard features per-key LightSync RGB illumination enabling you to completely customize the lighting of your keyboard with tons of RGB lighting effects & patterns and sync it with the rest of your gaming setup.

The Logitech G Hub software included with the keyboard and also up for download on the internet allows you to customize every aspect of your G Pro LoL edition keyboard. One issue I was able to find is that on some keys the RGB is a bit inconsistent.

Overall, the G Pro LoL edition is arguably the best Keyboard for Playing League of Legends, packed with amazing RGB lighting and multiple macro programmable keys, you might consider it as an option before buying it.

If over-the-top decals and odd colors are not your things, then you can leave the LoL edition of the keyboard and just go for the original G Pro Keyboard from Logitech. That way you get a simpler-looking keyboard that also comes with different switch options.

Key Features

  • Equipped with GX Brown Tactile switches
  • Comes with Fully customizable F-Key Macros and multimedia buttons
  • Features LoL-themed chassis, colors, and accents
  • LightSync RGB gives you control over full RGB customization

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