How to Pick a Gaming Keyboard for League of Legends

How to Pick a Gaming Keyboard for League of Legends

A gaming keyboard might not be the most important part of your arsenal like your Graphics Card, but it is definitely still a big priority. Selecting the right keyboard not only offers you a better gaming experience but also helps you in the long run.

For League of Legends players whether it be casual or professional, there are a few things that I would recommend keeping in mind while selecting your Best League of Legends Keyboard.

Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Gaming Keyboard for League of Legends

Form Factor or Size

Generally, most gaming keyboards come in three different sizes. However, the one that is fit for you depends on the environment that you will be using it in. The size may also be a factor if you travel from place to place frequently.

Full-size form factor

Any keyboard that you see daily is most probably a full-sized one. It has all the 104 keys including the NumPad, arrow keys, and others. Mostly meant for home desktops and gaming PC, if you travel a lot or plan to take your keyboard with you then this form factor might not be the best bet.

TKL Form Factor

TKL stands for Tenkeyless form factor. Just as the name suggests, a TKL keyboard comes short of 10 keys generally the NumPad since the absence of a NumPad is not a big factor for gamers. TKL keyboards are generally a lot smaller in size compared to the former form factor and they tend to easily fit in your backpack and hence are very portable.

60% Form Factor

The smallest among the 3, 60% keyboard-only retain all the necessary keys for gaming. This seems to be the most common choice among pro gamers due to them being travel-friendly and very lightweight.

Type of Switch

Although keyboards can have different types of switches such as scissor switches and membrane switches, mechanical switches are the most preferred ones out of the bunch thanks to their great actuation and feedback.

The most common and authentic brand of mechanical switches you can find is from Cherry MX. There are 3 primary types of mechanical switches- clicky, linear, and tactile. Any other mechanical switch might be a combination of either of the others mentioned.

Wired or Wireless

Whether to go for a wireless gaming keyboard or a wired one is the age-old question. In my personal opinion, it really boils down to personal preference. To put it simply, a wired keyboard has always been the go-to for most gamers up till now for its reliability.

On the other hand, wireless keyboards do have a few perks in terms of range and ease of use but it comes at a price, literally. The higher price point and the need to recharge your keyboard is still a turn-off for many gamers.

Macro & Multimedia

No matter if you are a League of Legends player or just a person who uses their computer for editing and stuff, having multimedia control really boosts productivity and ease of use for everyone.

For a game like LoL with so much going on the screen, I would definitely recommend a keyboard with macro capabilities to easily trigger in-game actions with just a single press of a key or button.

Aesthetics and RGB

Aesthetics are not really that important if your new keyboard sucks hence I would put it at the bottom of the list of things to worry about. Nonetheless, if you have found your perfect keyboard, good aesthetics and gimmicky features really add to the looks of your entire gaming setup.

Truth be told, RGB is not everyone’s cup of tea, some like it some do not. It is really hard to find a gaming keyboard without RGB backlighting but the good thing is that you can always turn the lighting off if you find it distracting and unattractive.

Final Verdict

All in all, the bottom line is that it really boils down to your personal preference on what makes a keyboard the best in your eyes. However, I hope the guide at least helps you to get an idea of what should your priority be while purchasing your new keyboard.

If I were to pick a gaming keyboard for playing League Of Legends, then I would most definitely go for the Logitech G910 Orion Spark. The combination of dedicated macro keys, top-grade switches, and great aesthetics really puts it in its own league. You can read complete review of Logitech G910 Orion here.

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