GTA Online vs GTA 5 - Are they both same?

GTA Online vs GTA 5 – Are they both same?

In this article, I shall be discussing in detail, one of the most popular games in recent times that is GTA 5, and the subsequent release of GTA Online which came shortly after. Many players think that it is the same thing. As a matter of fact, while the GTA Online package is given with the GTA 5 game, they are both very different. GTA Online vs GTA 5 – let us take a look at both the games and see what they offer.

GTA Online

GTA Online - What is it all about?

Released shortly after GTA 5, GTA Online is all about customization and chaos. GTA Online is a DLC (needs to be purchased) that offers a multiplayer mode where gamers from all over the world can play together in the legendary Los Santos world. When you create a profile, Lamar greets you and gifts you a gun and a car, which is basically the main fundamentals of the GTA franchise. Unless you create a girl avatar then he greets you with a rose.

While a lot of GTA 5 characters make an appearance in this version of the game as well, there is even more to it. Missions in GTA Online revolve around jobs, heists, racing, and deathmatches. Most of these are cooperative missions that spell out teamwork. Players will have to work together to successfully complete missions to achieve payday.

GTA online also focuses on the rags to riches theme. Higher ranks mean a possibility to buy better guns and vehicles in the game. This can give higher-ranked players an edge over everyone else since they earn it. There is not much to worry about as the matchmaking algorithm is really smart. It only groups together players of similar ranks so no unfair advantage can be taken.

GTA 5 – A Masterpiece of a Narrative

Released in 2013, GTA 5 brings players back to the dazzling world of Los Santos, which has won many awards in its own right. The game drips with satire on every stage by taking shots at millennials, celebrities, and everyone else in between. The attention given to every minute detail in the game makes the world of GTA 5 feel very realistic.

The story of GTA 5 straddles the line between plausible and ludicrous. From making you ride dirt bikes on moving trains to steal military vehicles, GTA 5 offers a lot of real absurdity. On top of that, the main characters of the game make people relate to the story the most.

The interplay between the three characters, namely Michael, Trevor, and Franklin is well-written and acted. From initially seeing who they were, to understanding where they come from and seeing who they become, everything changes. The characters are extremely real with the appearance of humans but yet, extremely messed up. Just like how it is in the real world, they fall and rise and live with the consequences of it.

Michael is a family man, Trevor is a brutal nutjob and Franklin steals cars for a living. Apart from the brilliant storyline, the different aspects of the game are showcased too. From solving missions of each character to being able to switch between them with ease feels very novel.

Is GTA Online the same as GTA 5?

While many players think that since they are part of the same package, they are the same game, that is not entirely true. There are a lot of similarities and differences between both versions.

For instance, GTA 5 is a single-player story-driven game. Here, you play the role of three very different characters with different storylines which ultimately converge to lead you to the final outcome of the story. There are story-based missions that you cannot really deviate out of as there is a fixed outcome to it. That being said, it is still a wonderful game to play.

Whereas in GTA Online, it is a roleplaying game where you create an avatar and progress the way you want to. Both versions use the same map, so it would make sense to first play the single-player story mode before delving into GTA Online. This way, you will be able to understand the game better plus understand the story even more.

GTA Online has no “depth” per se. It is a huge massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) with a comparatively lesser story than GTA 5. What it does give you is more repetitive missions, more heists, and a whole lot of new customizations. Despite that, it is still very addictive. It is a lot of fun because, unlike GTA 5, which focuses solely on single-player mode, GTA Online allows you to play with your friends and even make new ones.

Players can team up, go on a rampage, complete missions, and heists, etc. Not only that, but they can also compete in deathmatches and races for great rewards and a large amount of in-game money. But when it comes to GTA 5, it focuses on the “culture in America”, which seems very real. For example, traffic just like New York, police brutality, people chilling on the beach, etc.

The main thing about both versions is, that if you want to play GTA online, you will need to buy GTA 5 as well. Otherwise, it cannot be played. Whereas players not interested in the multiplayer aspect can just buy GTA 5 and play it. Regardless of which category you fall in, both aspects of the game have content to keep you enthralled for years. Despite the fact that it has been years since the release, players are still discovering new things!

GTA Online vs GTA 5 – Final Words

And there you have it, I have given you the stark similarities between GTA 5 and GTA Online. While they are both addictive open-world games, they both offer a lot of character and grounding in their own way.

GTA 5 allows you to delve into the lives of its characters. It allows you to understand where they come from and how their actions reveal the consequences in their respective lives. One can even see how their lives come together to be intertwined. It is very realistic in a sense, as players can possibly relate to why the characters do what they do. Every mission has a purpose in the game.

Whereas GTA online allows players to go on a total rampage as there is no real storyline as such. They can do as they please and find their own path in the game. GTA online continuously adds free and premium updates to the game, which again makes it never-ending as there are always newer activities for players to do.

It is still absolutely worth buying it as the concept of both versions is very different from each other in terms of what they offer and what can be done in the game. Thus, GTA Online and GTA 5 are not the same. In fact, they are very different creations.

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