GTA Online Mobile Coming Soon? Find out!

GTA Online Mobile Coming Soon? Find Out!

This question is roaming all over the internet after the Microsoft news announced earlier this year.

Mobile gaming is the future of the gaming industry. In recent years, mobile gaming had a great increase in revenue that’s why many game companies are shifting their focus to mobile gaming. For example, last year in December 2020 Riot games launched their mobile version of the league of legends.

So the news of GTA Online Mobile may sound too good to be true but the game may be coming to mobile devices. It is said that there will be few changes to suit the controls and specs of portable devices.

Differences between GTA V and GTA mobile

Even after 7 years, GTA V is still considered a masterpiece. I remember playing the game, I was dazzled with the storyline, satire jokes, and super clean graphics. The map is so vast that even after all these years; gamers still haven’t explored the entire map.

The single-player story is line is the main appeal of the game. The story follows three protagonists, retired bank robber Michael De Santa, the street gangster Franklin Clinton and arms smuggler and drug dealer Trevor Philips. The game allows you to freely explore the fictional city of Los Santos (based on Los Angeles) which was a big deal back in 2013. GTA V is the second best-selling game of all time. It sold 140 million copies after the release which was the most successful entertainment product of all time in financial terms. The open-world map was the main selling point of this game.

The news of GTA V coming to mobile devices is a feast for all the new and old players of GTA V.  There is no official information about the gameplay of GTA V mobile but it is expected that the game will be different from its console and PC version. While you wait for the mobile version you can check out these Pre-built gaming PC for GTA 5 and other epic games. Play with the smoothest gaming experience and highest Graphics settings.

It is almost impossible to put all the details and interactions of the PC and console version into the mobile version of the game because it takes almost 72 GB of space and phones are less powerful than other gaming devices but there will be no changes in the mobile version.  The thought of GTA V on the go is a mouth-watering concept. I believe GTA V will change the way we perceive mobile gaming.

Is GTA Online Mobile coming?

GTA Online Mobile Coming Soon!

GTA V and GTA online both games are coming to mobile. Back in 2013, when GTA V was launched it only had single-player mode, it was more about exploring the stories and characters of the game. It had limited missions and jobs and it became sort of boring for players to explore the same map over and over again. So later, Rockstar games launched online mode. However, many players are still pretty confused between GTA V and GTA Online.

Both GTA V and GTA Online are separate games within the game and have the same map.  GTA V story mode is a single-player mode that revolves around the story of three main protagonists in a linear storyline. On the other hand, GTA Online is free to play and included with GTA V, which is an open-world role-playing game. In this game, you get to create your own avatar and progress the game in the manner of your choosing.

GTA Online has received many content update over the years and still to this day, the creators are adding new kinds of stuff in updates. GTA Online has much more to offer but it also requires a lot of time to earn money and buy content compare to GTA V.

If you are deciding to jump on GTA online, I recommend you to play through the GTA V story mode first before going online. It is a classic single-player game and set in a world that is so big and detailed that even seven years later, it is still considered a magnum opus of the gaming world. After completing the story mode you will have a better understanding of the reference and characters that will appear in the online mode. You can also check out my guide to keyboards for GTA 5 to improve your gameplay.

You might be thinking why am I telling you about GTA V and GTA online? It is because the GTA V has returned to the Xbox game pass and it will be accessible through Microsoft’s Xcloud gaming (Xbox cloud gaming) app which will be only available for android users, iPhone users will have to wait to join the party with android.  To actually stream and play the game on portable android devices, you have to purchase the game pass ultimate membership (high tier subscription pack) because Xcloud app is a part of that subscription. It may be a problem for new users but merely an inconvenience for existing members.

For iPhone users and players who don’t want to buy the Xcloud membership, there are several alternative ways to play GTA V on mobile but the options are either very expensive or very inconvenient. The other newly developed cloud gaming services are offering games like GTA V and many more.

But the problem with these services is that you need to have a great internet connection as these services are considered as beta, external controllers (because the in-app controllers suck compare to Xcloud app) and you also have to buy expensive monthly or hourly subscriptions. I prefer to wait for some time and officially play GTA V on hand-held devices.

Final Words

GTA V is the best open-world game of all time. The game has many modes and play styles to offer and can be run both online and in story modes. Soon the GTA V will be available to hand-held devices through the Xbox cloud gaming service but for android users only, iPhone users have to wait a little longer.

You have to buy an expensive game pass ultimate to stream the game. If you are a GTA V sucker like me then the idea of GTA on mobile is a dream comes true. I think the wait and price will worth it because on cloud gaming there will be more games to play along with GTA V.

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