Corsair K63 Review for League of Legends

Corsair K63 Review for League of Legends

Let’s be real here, there aren’t many good reasonably priced wireless gaming keyboards on the market, nonetheless, Corsair came up with a surprisingly affordable wireless mechanical keyboard, the K63 and here’s the Corsair K63 Review for League of Legends.

Corsair K63 Review for League of Legends

Build and Aesthetics

Seems like, with the K63, Corsair spent most of the cost on the features and performance of the device while sacrificing the aesthetics. Now do not get me wrong, the keyboard does look beautiful but fails when compared to the aesthetics of the other keyboards on the market.

Although I wish the keyboard had at least a metal top plate, it is completely made out of plastic. The build does not feel that flimsy but there is quite some flexing. Overall speaking, the lack of any metal finish makes the build quality subpar at best.

The keycaps are made from ABS plastic, so get ready to see oil marks and fingerprints all over your keys. Surprisingly, the keys are not that wobbly and feel quite stable. Weighing in at only 1 Kg, the keyboard is also very lightweight and portable.

To allow a comfortable experience during long LoL gaming sessions, the Corsair K63 has an incline setting and also comes with a detachable wrist rest. In my opinion, the quality of the wrist rest is not up to the mark and it feels very cheap.

Wireless Capability

Corsair K63 Review for League of Legends - Wireless Capability

Sometimes a wireless keyboard is a must for some gaming setups such as in cases where the PC is too far from the user or just to eliminate tangled wires. A Bluetooth keyboard is very unfit for gaming thus the K63 also uses 2.4GHz wireless connectivity.

The 2.4 GHz wireless connection can be set up by just plugging in the provided USB dongle to your PC. The 1 ms response time is a far better upgrade over a Bluetooth keyboard with much higher latency. Moreover, the keyboard can be used in wired mode too as it comes with a detachable micro-USB braided cable.

In situations where the 2.4 GHz connection might not be necessary, say during an office job, you can easily connect the K63 via Bluetooth. The keyboard also supports multi-device connectivity and thus is a great fit for productivity tasks as well.


The best thing I liked about the Corsair K63 is that it uses the industry-standard MX Cherry Red Linear switches which are the most reputable among gamers. I highly doubt that there would be any complaints about the keyboard in this aspect at least.

Good quality mechanical switches give you the competitive edge over your opponents that you need and the MX Reds got just that. Compared to the other Linear switch keyboards on the market, the standard MX Linear Reds might feel a bit stiffer.

Moving on to the typing experience with the K63, the keystrokes feel very responsive. Along with that, the travel distance as well as the force required to actuate the switches feel just about the right amount.

Since the MX Cherry Reds are Linear mechanical switches there is no click or tactile feedback when pressed which is also better for public and office environments. The smooth actuation also makes sure your fingers do not tire out quickly.


Unfortunately, this is the part where the Corsair K63 falls short. The backlighting on this keyboard is really underwhelming when compared to the other keyboards on the market. But I personally liked the decision of Corsair to go with more features instead of appearance.

The K63 only comes with blue backlighting where each key is individually lit which is a good thing. Nonetheless, you can still control the lighting using Corsair’s iCUE software to come up with lighting effects and patterns of your choice.

If you want a different color then you can opt for the K63 variant with Red backlighting or the Ice Blue version with brighter blue backlight.

Multimedia & Macro

In terms of multimedia capability, the K63 is fairly limited since it does not have any dedicated macro keys. However, the top left and right parts of the chassis houses a few media and music control buttons that can be programmed to your liking.

On top of that, you also get a dedicated Windows lock key on the keyboard that basically disables it. Turning it on makes sure that your gameplay does not get interrupted if you accidentally press the Windows key.

Since the keyboard comes with multi-device connectivity, there is another dedicated switch to cycle through different connected devices. Similarly, there is another pair of hotkeys that puts your PC to sleep and helps you navigate connected smartphones respectively.

Some things that I did not like about the Corsair K63 include the fact that it has no onboard memory which means you can not carry your macro and multimedia presets when you connect the keyboard to a different computer.

All things considered, the Corsair K63 might not be the best of the bunch but it is definitely the Best Wireless Keyboard for LoL that you will find on the market right now.

Key Features

  • Supports 100% anti-ghosting and N-key rollover
  • Equipped with MX Cherry Red linear switches
  • Can be used both in wired mode and wireless mode
  • Individually lit keys with blue backlighting

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