Best Mouse for Dota 2 for Gaming!

Best Mouse for Dota 2

A good gaming mouse plays a crucial role whenever you play a high intense strategic game like Dota 2. The performance and response rate matters a lot in-game like Dota 2, where you have to use several keys to cast different spells quickly. I have been playing this game for the past six years and have used several mice. If you are looking for the best mouse for Dota 2, then I can recommend some of the best gaming mice available in the current market for you as per my personal experience.

If you want to become a professional Dota 2 gamer and need one of the best mice for Dota 2 gaming, this review post will help you a lot. I will suggest you read the buying guide section of this post thoroughly before purchasing a gaming mouse for you, which will help you play like a champ!

Best Mouse for Dota 2 Reviewed

Products Design Features Rating Check Price  
Logitech G Pro

  • Hero 25K sensor (Needs a software update)

  • 4-8 Customizable Buttons

  • Wireless

  • Personalize lighting & Onboard memory

  • Razer Viper Ultimate

    • light beam-based actuation

    • 20K DPI optical sensor

    • 74 g

    • Wireless>
  • Author's Choice
    SteelSeries Rival 600

    • 12,000 cpi

    • 50g

    • Detachable Cable

  • Logitech G502 Hero

    • Programmable RGB lighting

    • HERO 16 K sensor

    • 11 customizable buttons

  • Best in Budget
    BenQ Zowie FK2

    • DPI adjustment of 400/800/1600/3200

    • Avago 3310 Sensor

    • 90.7 gram

  • Cooler Master MM711 Honeycomb

    • 16000 DPI

    • Custom RGB

    • PixArtPMW 3389 Sensor

  • Razer Viper Ultimate Review (Author’s Choice)

    Razer Viper Ultimate Review - Best Mouse for Dota 2

    My first recommendation for the best Dota 2 mouse would be none other than the classy Razer Viper Ultimate. This is currently one of the top-rated and highest-selling wireless gaming mice. Many professional players are using this fantastic mouse because of its quick responsive sensor and comfy design.

    I will always rate this mouse high as it comes with wireless features and HyperSpeed technology, which reduces the latency. This mouse comes with a 20K DPI based quick respond optical sensor. You will never face any delay after clicking any button of this mouse, which is great for a gamer.

    Key Features

    • Designed for both left- and right-hand users
    • 20K dpi optical sensor
    • Lightweight gaming mouse just 74gram
    • Eight programmable buttons to set your custom profile
    • HyperSpeed technology for low latency performance

    Design & Comfort

    When it comes to Razor mouse, no doubt you will always get the best design and comfort. Viper Ultimate is a classy mouse with a fantastic grip designed perfectly for both right- and left-hand users. The excellent wireless setup of this mouse always gives this mouse a superb feel and modern look.

    Viper Ultimate is a medium-sized (5.0×2.6×1.5 inches) completely symmetrical mouse in which you will get palm rest with an RGB Razer logo.


    Razer Viper is a customizable mouse in which you can easily set up your favorite chroma lighting and eight programmable buttons as per your requirement in-game. The best thing about this mouse is that you can save your customization profile in this mouse.

    Wireless Performance

    Many gamers generally don’t like to go for a wireless gaming mouse because of the lag issue. But with Razor Viper Ultimate, you will get flawless performance, which is lag-free. I feel smooth mouse movement and lag-free response on-screen during a Dota 2 match with this mouse.

    Overall, this is the best wireless mouse for Dota 2 available in the market you can purchase.

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    Logitech G Pro Review

    Logitech G Pro Review - Best Wireless Mouse for Dota 2

    If you are looking for an ultimate gaming mouse for Dota 2, I recommend you go with Logitech G Pro. Logitech is a reputed brand known for its fantastic mouse sensor. In this mouse, you will get the latest HERO (High efficiency rated optical) sensor. I can say this mouse’s ambidextrous design is fantastic, which suits boat left and right-handed gamers.

    You will get a total of 8 buttons on both sides of this mouse, which are smooth to click and very responsive. This is a lightweight gaming mouse that is just 80 grams.

    Key Features

    • Lightweight just 80 grams
    • Wireless and wired modes
    • 60-hour battery life
    • Eight buttons
    • Dimensions:125X63.5x40mm
    • 100-16,000 DPI

    Build Quality and Design

    The build quality of the Logitech G Pro mouse is excellent. You will get a sturdy plastic design body in this mouse. The feet of the mouse are perfect and grip well to the surface. You will get four side buttons for the best profile customizations as per your need in-game.     

    Logitech HERO Sensor

    Logitech HERO sensor is known as the most accurate gaming sensor ever. For Logitech Pro, the HERO sensor can track any speed of flicks over 400 IPS without spinning out. Overall, this sensor offers the best performance with superb smoothness with controlled acceleration.

    Logitech Light Speed Wireless

    The Logitech light speed wireless technology of this mouse gives you lag-free and smooth performance during the game. You will never see any disconnection and late response with the wireless mode, which is best for a gamer who prefers a wireless gaming mouse.

    If you are looking for a top mouse for playing Dota 2, I will suggest you check out this mouse! You will love it!

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    SteelSeries Rival 600 Review (Readers also like)

    SteelSeries Rival 600 Review - Best Dota 2 Mouse for Gaming!

    SteelSeries is another top-rated and trusted gaming accessories manufacturing brand. My next recommendation will be SteelSeries Rival 600. What I can say! This mouse is truly amazing in terms of look, performance, and durability. No doubt, I can say this is one of the best Dota 2 mice you can go for.

    The core construction of this mouse is of fiber-reinforced plastic, which gives you durability. This is a wired mouse that comes with silicon grips, incredible shape, and design. You will get three smooth clickable buttons on the left side of this mouse.

    Key Features

    • Both side silicone grips
    • Adjustable weight blocks
    • Lightweight
    • Ergonomic Design
    • Customizable RGB pattern
    • 12,000 cpi and 350 IPS optical 1 to 1 track
    • Secondary sensor for customizing tracking

    Customize Weight

    When it comes to the weight of a gaming mouse, no doubt, every gamer prefers a different weight! Here in Rival 600, you will get customize weight to adjust the weight of the mouse according to your need. As this is a high-end gaming mouse, you will get 256 different weight combinations.

    Lightning Fast

    The TRUE MOVE 3+ sensor system of Rival 600 is high-speed and boost 350+ IPS. You will get up to 12000 CPI sensitivity option, which is enough for Dota 2 gaming.

    Customize Lift Off Sensor

    Advanced customize lift sensor offers accurate depth perception to this mouse. With this sensor’s help, you can easily manage the starts and stops of your mouse sensor whenever you lift your mouse from the surface. It helps a lot to the gamer to avoid unwanted movement during gaming.

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    Logitech G502 Hero Review

    Logitech G502 Hero Review - Best Gaming Mouse for Dota 2

    The mouse Logitech G502 Hero truly impressed me a lot. I will say this is a perfect mouse for a gamer who plays games like Dota 2. This mouse comes with 11 programmable buttons, and these buttons are easy to customize via the software of Logitech. When it comes to your build quality, it’s sturdy and durable by nature. You will get an advanced HERO sensor in this fantastic gaming mouse.

    Key Features

    • Programmable RGB lighting
    • Adjustable weight system
    • 11 customizable buttons
    • Features HERO 16 K sensor

    HERO 16K Sensor

    HERO 16k sensor is known as one of the fastest and most accurate in current time. You will get precise tracking along with smooth mouse acceleration during gaming. This sensor will provide you with the most rapid frame rate processing and capable of handling 400+IPS and up to 16000 DPI range without any hesitation. You can easily set up your DPI and IPS with the help of Logitech G HUB software. Pair this mouse with the best laptop for Dota 2 to get the best experience.

    Adjustable Weight System

    The adjustable weight of this mouse is another great feature you will like the most. You will get 3.6-gram weights with this gaming mouse so that you can customize them according to your comfort level.

    Programmable Buttons

    You will get a total of 11 programmable buttons on the G502 HERO mouse. Now you can easily set your gaming control keys on your mouse; no extra keys are needed on the keyboard.   

    Light Sync RGB

    The light sync RGB technology of this mouse makes it more beautiful. These RGB lights are customizable and offer 16.8 million color synchronization. You can easily control the brightness of this RGB lightening via Logitech G HUB software.

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    BenQ Zowie FK2 Review

    BenQ Zowie FK2 Review - Best Dota 2 Mouse

    BenQ Zowie FK2 is my next recommendation as one of the best mice for playing Dota 2. This is an outstanding mouse known for its precision. Many professional esports players are using this mouse because of its smooth performance and fantastic shape. This is a slim mouse and suits almost every hand size. The design of this mouse is superb, and the grip is very comfortable.      

    Key Features

    • Simple plug and play mouse
    • Ambidextrous design
    • DPI adjustment of 400/800/1600/3200
    • Customizable report rate
    • Lightweight, only 90.7 gram

    Avago 3310 Sensor

    BenQ Zowie FK2 comes with an advanced Avago 3310 sensor. This sensor is famous as one of the best in the gaming industry because of its preciseness and accuracy.

    Customizable Report Rate

    Zowie FK 2 comes with a customizable report rate, and you can set it as 125/500/100 Hz. This mouse can handle any of these report rates effectively without any delay or lag.


    Zowie FK2 comes with a granular finish that never gets dirty even after long use. The superb finish of this top-rated mouse also provides an excellent grip to the users. You will get a good quality rubber cable with this mouse. The design of this mouse is very simple and that’s the reason it looks elegant. Overall, I can say this is a mouse worth spending money on for you.   

    Ambidextrous Design

    Due to the ambidextrous design of this mouse, anyone can use it smoothly. This is a small and classy unit that suits every gamer. The dimensions of this mouse are 4.9×2.5×1.4 inches. You will get an extra pair of mouse feet with this mouse which is a good thing.

    Overall, this is a mouse you can connect directly to any system and play. I mean there is no need to install any kind of software to set up your profiles and things. It comes with several features along with a smooth and high-quality rubber cable. I like this mouse and have also used it for several months. This mouse’s performance is just impressive for a game like Dota 2, in which you have to customize different skills on buttons.

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    Cooler Master MM711 Honeycomb Review

    Cooler Master MM711 Honeycomb Review - Best Mouse for Dota 2

    Cooler Master MM711 Honeycomb is another excellent choice for you. This is another best gaming mouse for Dota 2. Most gamers like this mouse because of its fantastic sensor and design. MM711 is a lightweight mouse (60 grams) that comes with a superb design. You will get two extra buttons on the left side of this mouse to customize your gaming keys.

    GPU is another important component in providing the best Dota 2 experience. Check out my choices for the best GPU for Dota 2.

    Key Features

    • Lightweight (only 60 gram)
    • Customizable RGB lighting
    • Ultra-weave cable
    • Adjustable up to 16000 DPI
    • Innovative honeycomb design

    Gaming Grade Sensor

    MM711 Honeycomb gaming mouse comes with an advanced gaming sensor for flawless performance. This sensor makes this mouse fast and ultra-fast. You will get up to 16000DPI settings feature with this mouse for proper acceleration and accurate surface tracking. The PixArt sensor of this mouse gives the best response during the game, which is the priority of every gamer.

    Ultra-weave Cable

    You will get a special kind of ultra-weave cable with an MM711 mouse. This cable is easy to slide and never blocks your mouse movement during gaming. So, it’s time to say good bye to old stiff rubber and plastic cables and try this newly designed ultra-weave cable-based gaming mouse.

    Extremely Lightweight

    The lightweight mouse is always easy to handle and best for swift movement. If you are looking for a lightweight and best ergonomic mouse for Dota 2 mouse, then MM711 is the best mouse. This mouse is just 60 grams, which is unbelievable. In our list, this is the lightest mouse for Dota 2 and one of my favorites also!

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    Things to Look for When Buying a Gaming Mouse for Dota 2 for Accuracy

    Things to Look for When Buying a Gaming Mouse for Dota 2

    No doubt picking the best gaming mice for Dota 2 can be challenging if you seriously need a good one to enhance your performance. Many gamers don’t know how to choose the best mouse and show their frustration after buying a gaming mouse for them.

    If you have no prior knowledge about things to consider before buying a gaming mouse for Dota 2, this buying guide section will help you a lot. So read this section carefully and understand everything in detail so that you can choose the best mouse for you and play Dota with more comfort and ease.

    Let’s discuss this in more detail.


    The shape of a gaming mouse is always essential for a gamer. A right shape mouse can impressively enhance your gaming performance. Most of the famous gaming mice are known for the fantastic shapes.

    Mouse Grip

    Mouse grip is another crucial factor you should consider before purchasing the best gaming mouse for Dota 2. Usually, you will find three common types of grip like claw, fingertip, and palm. Now it’s your work to figure out which kind of grip suits you.      

    Pool Rate

    Pool rate is considered as one of the crucial factors for any gaming mouse. It is usually measured in Hz, and nowadays, most gaming mice come with high pool rate-setting options. Most modern gaming mice support a high pool rate, which is excellent, but professional gamers prefer to set their pool rate between 500 and 1000 Hz. The high pool rate of your mouse means quick input data interpretation for your computer.   


    Sensor plays an essential role when it comes to the performance of any gaming mouse. Before, most gamers used to play with the optical mouse, but nowadays, they prefer to use a laser mouse. According to professional experts’ laser technology-based gaming mouse is lag-free and always gives a smooth performance.

    Dots Per Inch (DPI)

    DPI is another vital aspect of a gaming mouse you should always consider before going for the best mouse for playing Dota 2. DPI rating matters a lot during gaming! Overall, the DPI concept is straightforward, which is nothing but the higher the DPI rating, the less effort you have to move the mouse.

    High DPI-based gaming mouse usually gives better response time and allows users to set up their perfect sensitivity for a game like Dota 2. I will always suggest you go with a high-range DPI setting-based gaming mouse.

    Wired or Wireless?

    Is it wired or wireless? This is the most debatable question most of the time you will find in gaming forums! Gone are those days when people don’t prefer to use wireless gaming mice because of the possibility of lag.

    You can now get several branded gaming mice that offer advanced technology-based wireless mouse, high speed, superb reactive, and quick enough to give you a flawless gaming experience. It’s all about your comfort whether you will choose wired or wireless both are equally good, having pros and cons.

    Left or Right-Handed

    Nowadays, you will get many gaming mice that are specially designed for left-handed and right-handed. Usually, most of the brands design mouse for right-handed, but you can go for the left-handed mouse if you are a lefty one. Just search for a left-handed gaming mouse on the internet you will get several options.

    Mouse Feet

    Mouse feet are another essential thing you need to focus on when purchasing the best Dota 2 gaming mouse to improve your gaming performance. Now the question is how mouse feet matter?

    Yeah! Usually, mouse feet are always responsible for a smooth glide across different surfaces. Before purchasing a mouse, you need to check whether the mouse’s feet are getting solid contact with the surface or not.

    You will find mouse feet are different, and it varies mouse to mouse. Some gaming mouse comes with four little feet, and some are with two. You may mark worn mouse feet after using your mouse for a long time, and it’s normal!

    Due to friction, mouse feet usually get worn, and you can replace those feet easily. I will recommend you to read the mouse instruction whenever you are going to replace it.


    When it comes to buttons of gaming mouse typically two types, like Omron and Huano. Most of the mice use Omron switches, which offers smooth clicks. Huano buttons are stiffer and best for FPS games. Gaming mice having soft buttons are always best for Dota 2. So, I will always recommend going with a mouse having Omron buttons.   

    Scroll Wheel

    As a gamer, I know the importance of a scroll wheel for Dota 2 and other FPS games. Whenever you choose a mouse, make sure that the scroll wheel is smooth and solid enough to perform quickly. I will always recommend going with gaming mice having a scroll wheel that offers better grip, soft middle clicks, and super comfy to use.

    Reliability & Warranty

    Whenever you are purchasing a gaming mouse, I will recommend you to go with a reputed brand. Why so? The answer is pretty simple! Because renowned brands frequently bring new technology and sensor which gives you better performance.

    Always check the warranty period and go with a gaming mouse having at least one year warranty. Brands like Logitech, Corsair, Razer are also offering two years warranty on their mouse. So, it’s always necessary to take care of reliability and warranty things.

    Conclusion – Which is the Best Dota 2 Mouse?

    So, which one should you choose as the best Dota 2 gaming mouse from the above-recommended list? The answer is pretty simple it depends on your budget, comfortable, palm grip, and customization requirements. All of the above-recommended mice come with superb features and design.

    It’s all about your liking and choice. I know it isn’t easy to choose the best one among the above list, but I will say go through the details and choose the best one as per your need and budget.

    If I have to choose one of them, then I will go with the Razer Viper Ultimate as the best mouse for Dota 2! I am using this mouse for a long, and after using this mouse, I can say this is very comfortable for me because of the design and lightweight. This mouse is genuinely unbelievable and offers everything you need to play a competitive Dota 2 game.

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