Best Monitor for GTA 5 for Amazing Gaming Experience!

Best Monitor for GTA 5

Having earned the status of the best-selling PC game over the years, Grand Theft Auto 5 has managed to capture the hearts of modern gamers with its immersive story and next-level graphics. It has been seen that people often invest in decent GPUs and processors for making their gaming experience smoother. However, the majority of gamers are unable to realize the importance of owning the best monitor for GTA 5 owing to which they are unable to enjoy high-quality visuals.

With a large range of weaponry, breathtaking missions, and several picturesque locations, GTA 5 is indeed a hardcore gamer’s dream come true. Some time ago, gaming monitors were highly expensive but the story is completely different now all thanks to technological developments which have revolutionized the gaming industry. It is so because monitors that are specifically built for gaming have become more affordable than ever.

You would be happy to know that anyone with a small budget can easily buy a gaming monitor. If you feel it is difficult to make the right choice, do not worry because I am here to provide you with assistance. The purpose of this article is to simplify the selection process and help you pick the right gaming monitor in as little time as possible.

Best Monitor for GTA 5 Reviewed

Products Design Features Rating Check Price  

  • Supports 144Hz

  • 27" 2K HDR

  • ASUS Extreme Low Motion Blur Sync

  • BenQ EW3270U

    • 32 inch 4K Monitor

    • emits lesser blue light

    • 60Hz

  • Author's Choice
    Razer Raptor

    • 27 inch QHD Wide 1440p

    • 144Hz

    • Razer Chroma RGB

  • LG 27GL83A

    • 27 Inches QHD Wide 1440p

    • NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible

    • borderless design

  • Best in Budget
    Sceptre Curved C275W

    • 27 Inches FHD 1080p

    • 75Hz

  • Here are the detailed reviews of the top 5 gaming monitors that will add fun to your GTA 5 sessions and improve the overall experience to a great extent.

    BenQ EW3270U Review

    BenQ EW3270U Review - Best Monitor for GTA 5

    Deemed the best GTA 5 monitor of all time, BenQ EW3270U supports 4K gaming at 2160P ultra HD resolution. The monitor has a decent response time of 4 milliseconds and a large screen size of 32 inches because of which is a true delight for the new breed of gaming lovers. It also boasts an HDR support facility that ensures the delivery of detailed visuals for better clarity.

    The BenQ EW3270U gaming monitor is way more stylish and efficient than ordinary monitors which are available in the online tech market. The reason being that it renders in-game objects more clearly to facilitate visual fluidity and create a realistic gameplay experience. Keeping all this aside, eye discomfort will not be an issue when you play your favorite gaming titles on this monitor as it boasts the most advanced eye-care technology.

    Similarly, screen tearing and broken frames will be a thing of the past as the AMD FreeSync facility which is present on this monitor enables hassle-free and smooth gaming throughout the day. Moreover, a large percentage of gamers often complain that they are unable to find the perfect brightness settings for their monitor screens.

    But you will not encounter such problems at all as the BenQ EW3270U gaming monitor boasts inbuilt intelligent brightness capabilities. This feature automatically adjusts the brightness on the screen based on the lighting conditions in your room. If you have been searching for a monitor that will give maximum value for your money, you will not regret spending on BenQ EW3270U.


    • Known for its phenomenal build quality
    • Has an incredibly large display size
    • Capable of handling modern games at 4K
    • Features crisp and clear UHD resolution
    • Offers auto-brightness adjustment features

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    Asus TUF VG27AQ Review (Author’s Choice)

    Asus TUF VG27AQ Review - Best GTA 5 Monitor

    Measuring 27 inches, Asus TUF VG27AQ is the best gaming monitor for GTA 5 because it offers an outstanding refresh rate of 165Hz which makes gaming incredibly enjoyable. The gaming monitor is reasonably priced and it supports a wide range of brightness levels to cater to your personal requirements. Boasting a 16:9 aspect ratio, this high-end monitor has a top-quality IPS panel that ensures great vibrancy and matchless color reproduction at the same time.

    Powered by G-Sync technology, this gaming monitor efficiently gets rid of screen tearing and ghosting, hence facilitating seamless and fluid movements in games that require you to act quickly. The monitor also has the motion blur reduction facility for precise aiming which is a necessity in first-person shooting games. Moreover, the Asus TUF VG27AQ gaming monitor features multiple connectivity options as it is equipped with both Dual HDMI and DisplayPort.

    Since there are numerous ports in this monitor, it can easily be connected to several multimedia devices whenever the need arises. As far as overall clarity is concerned, this gaming monitor offers a WQHD resolution (2560x1440P) which is ideal as per modern gaming standards. The Asus TUF VG27AQ gaming monitor has a response time of 1 millisecond and hence, you can expect fantastic visual quality all day long.

    The monitor comes with an ergonomic stand so that you do face any difficulty while positioning it on your computer desk. It also features the HDR 10 capability which supports varied dynamic color schemes. Above all, the eye care facility can work wonders for preventing eye strain which may result from playing games for longer durations.


    • Boasts an ultra-fast 165Hz refresh rate
    • Armed with a top-notch IPS panel
    • Promises unmatched visual clarity
    • Offers next-gen HDR 10 capabilities
    • Features the latest eye care technology

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    Razer Raptor Review

    Razer Raptor Review - Best Gaming Monitor for GTA V

    Razer Raptor is another top gaming monitor for GTA 5 which is highly popular because of its unique style and premium build quality. It is a known fact that Razer has been a household name in the world of gaming for a long time and no gamer can deny this. Although this gaming monitor from Razer is somewhat costly, the advanced features it boasts justify its grand price tag.

    The greatest benefit is that this powerful IPS gaming monitor offers enhanced viewing angles and it can run all games at 2560x1440P (WQHD) resolution. The ultra-slim bezel design of this gaming monitor offers a lot of room for the display, thus allowing you to completely immerse yourself in the amazing storyline of GTA 5. More important than all, this monitor produces captivating visuals and vibrant colors to keep you entertained throughout your gameplay sessions.

    Its 1ms response time significantly reduces motion blur and ensures a sharp display to make your GTA 5 experience more lively and enjoyable. As a matter of fact, the Razer Raptor gaming monitor offers a 144 Hertz refresh rate and it balances the overall visual quality like butter. Everyone knows that keeping the PC desk clutter-free and clean has always been a hassle for desktop users, however, they have not been able to find a viable solution to this problem so far.

    Once you buy the Razer Raptor monitor, cable management will be a piece of cake since the monitor comes with green inbuilt cables which are quite easy to set up. The gliding mechanism and adjustable height of the Razer Raptor is another added advantage that makes it a must-buy monitor. Additionally, this gaming monitor promotes eye comfort by reducing exposure to blue light which can have damaging effects.

    Gaming enthusiasts who love to make their rig look impressive and stunning will not be disappointed after buying this monitor. Wondering why? It is because this gaming monitor comes loaded with advanced Razer Chroma lighting capabilities which can make your PC look a lot more stylish in an instant. If you want to make your everyday gaming adventures more fun, you must invest in the Razer Raptor monitor at the earliest.


    • Enables the delivery of breathtaking visuals
    • The height of this monitor is adjustable
    • Boasts the latest RGB lighting technology
    • Has a stylish and ultra-thin design
    • Offers a pretty fast response time

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    LG 27GL83A Review

    LG 27GL83A Review - Best Monitor for GTA 5!

    LG 27GL83A is regarded as the best GTA 5 gaming monitor by millions of tech buffs who spend a whole lot of time in front of their PC screen playing the games of their choice. Boasting terrific build quality, this monitor features LED technology, and its screen size measures 27 inches. What makes this monitor a favorite amongst gamers is its three-sided borderless design.

    The LG 27GL83A gaming monitor provides support for HDR 10 that delivers realistic visuals. With a highly efficient response time of 1ms, you will get to experience next-level immersion while exploring the notorious streets of GTA 5. Best of all, this monitor is fully compatible with G-Sync technology which effectively eliminates stutter and reduces screen tearing for smoother gaming.

    Although LG 27GL83A is not a flashy gaming monitor, it comes packed with a variety of unique features which are not found in other monitors. The 144Hz refresh rate of this monitor combined with QHD resolution makes up for a great combination that is worth spending money on. Lastly, the LG 27GL83A monitor is capable of delivering superb color accuracy, crisp image quality, and wide viewing angles simultaneously.


    • Packed with advanced HDR 10 capabilities
    • Ensures a tear-free gaming experience
    • Boasts a 3-sided borderless design
    • Renowned for its superb QHD resolution
    • Promises great visuals and viewing angles

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    Sceptre Curved C275W Review (Under Budget)

    Sceptre Curved C275W Review - Cheapest Gaming Monitor for GTA 5

    Have you been on the lookout for the cheapest gaming monitor for GTA 5? Loaded with a plethora of modern capabilities, Sceptre Curved C275W is a budget-friendly gaming monitor that can be bought without breaking the bank. Having a screen size of 27 inches, this well-priced gaming monitor boasts a Full HD resolution of 1080P.

    Also, this monitor is armed with both VGA and HDMI ports to suit your connectivity needs. Despite having an ordinary-looking design, it supports G-Sync technology and pairs well with systems that house NVIDIA graphics cards. Considering all these things, the Sceptre Curved C275W gaming monitor will undoubtedly make your in-game scenes appear more vivid.

    Given the fact that this monitor is tiltable, you can tilt the display 15 degrees backward and up to 5 degrees forward as per your requirements. The monitor also has inbuilt speakers which deliver high-quality audio. The edgeless design of the Sceptre Curved C275W monitor leaves more space for the screen, thus offering a sleek appearance. With this monitor at your disposal, you will get engrossed in the visuals of your preferred games right after you start playing.

    Since this gaming monitor has a super-fast response time and 75 Hertz refresh rate, you will see images get transitioned quicker than ever. Furthermore, the monitor’s Blue Light technology will allow you to comfortably game for long hours without experiencing any kind of eye strain.


    • Mainly popular for its edgeless design
    • Comes equipped with a built-in speaker
    • Offers full support for G-Sync technology
    • Boasts fast refresh rate and response time
    • Features highly advanced Blue Light facility

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    Things to Look for When Buying a Gaming Monitor for GTA 5

    Things to Look for When Buying a Gaming Monitor for GTA 5

    As you all know, GTA 5 is a graphically demanding game whose astounding visuals call for a decent gaming monitor. While it is true that selecting a monitor for Grand Theft Auto 5 is a simple task, there are people who face difficulties with the selection process. Such people are unable to identify the best gaming monitor for their needs due to lack of knowledge about technology.

    This is the main reason why I have come up with this well-researched monitor buying guide to ensure you get the best bang for your buck. It is guaranteed this guide will come in handy for helping you pick the product that best suits your requirements. Given below is a list of the 6 most essential factors you should take into account while looking for your dream gaming monitor.

    Display Size

    Choosing the right display size is a matter of paramount importance and this is something that cannot be denied at any cost. People who do not consider the screen size of a monitor before making the purchase end up regretting it. Going for a small-sized monitor would not be a smart idea as you will have a hard time enjoying in-game visuals.

    Although the best screen size depends totally on your preferences, you should never go for a gaming monitor that measures less than 23 inches. For facilitating an enjoyable experience and keeping poor visuals at bay, you must buy a monitor that is sized between 24 to 32 inches.


    When you play visually rich games like GTA 5, ensuring utmost clarity becomes a necessity and this is where the need for a high resolution arises. The good news is that most gaming monitors nowadays offer Full HD (1080P) resolution and some even boast advanced 4K capabilities. Regardless of the gaming monitor you choose, just make sure it provides support for FHD resolution.

    Response Time

    Response time is another important factor that you need to keep in mind before purchasing a gaming monitor for heavy titles like Grand Theft Auto 5. Faster response times simply mean that visual clarity will be there and you will get to enjoy a smoother display. While a response time of 5ms is enough for non-competitive gamers, you should go for 1ms if competitive gaming is your forte.

    Refresh Rate

    In layman’s terms, the refresh rate is basically the exact pace at which your screen refreshes images. Higher refresh rates imply that images will update faster than usual, thus facilitating realistic gameplay experiences around the clock.

    Gaming monitors offer a refresh rate as high as 144 Hertz but then the price also goes up. The ideal refresh rate for gaming purposes is 75 Hertz and going below this range is not recommended.

    TN VS IPS Panel

    Gaming monitors have certain characteristics which make them unique. There are 2 major types of monitor panels that are popular amongst the new generation of gamers, namely TN and IPS.

    In case your budget is limited, you should consider opting for a monitor which has a TN panel. If you can spend extra for better viewing angles, choosing the IPS panel would be your best bet.

    G-Sync or FreeSync

    When it comes to finalizing the monitor selection process, most gamers are unsure whether they should choose G-Sync or FreeSync. Simply put, both the above-mentioned monitor types are very much identical and they perform with the same efficiency. However, there are some differences.

    Gaming monitors armed with FreeSync technology are designed for CPUs featuring AMD video cards. On the other hand, CPUs equipped with GPUs from NVIDIA are compatible with G-Sync monitors.

    Conclusion – Which is the Best GTA 5 Monitor?

    There is no doubting that Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the most dynamic and graphically rich open-world titles ever created in the history of gaming. Fam, if you have really been a diehard fan of the GTA series from the beginning, you would be knowing how essential it is to buy a feature-packed gaming monitor for ensuring maximum enjoyment. After putting countless hours and efforts into research, I concluded that Asus TUF VG27AQ is the best monitor for Grand Theft Auto 5.

    In addition to boasting a WQHD resolution and anti-screen tearing capabilities, this gaming monitor from Asus features modern eye care technology, which can ensure comfortable gaming 24/7. Another great thing about this powerful monitor is that it offers a blazing-fast refresh rate, response time as well as complete support for HDR 10. Now that you are done checking the reviews, ensure you pick the best monitor for GTA V to eliminate hassles related to poor visuals and pave the way for a fun-filled gaming experience.

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