Elliot Smith - WaterThread Admin

Hi, I am Elliot, 28 years old from the United States. I am a passionate Gamer and I love everything about gaming – from PC Building to playing the latest games! I have been, for almost 8 years, working as a Consultant helping people build their Gaming PCs. From budget builds to high-end, premium builds, I have done it all.

With the help of WaterThread, I aim to share my knowledge about PCs, Laptops, GPUs, etc. What started as a passion, became my profession. And this profession further gave birth to WaterThread in December 2020.

WaterThread is the place where I will be posting all my knowledge on PC Cases, Gaming Monitors, Graphics Cards, Processors, Motherboards, etc and make sure that I help people learn a few new things on the way. Follow me on my journey to share my knowledge by visiting regularly. You can also Like our Facebook Page and Follow us on Twitter!

Hope this blog helps you!